We have a swedish expression called “hemmablind” basically you become so accustomed to everyday life that you stop noticing your surroundings. And with this phenomena creativity dies. So I decided to open my eyes to see what I've become blind to. I wanted to see what other people see when they come to Sweden. What do we have that's the equivalent to the inspiration I see when I'm traveling?
That’s where the Volvo project started.

Volvo has a great symbolic value and for many it’s associated with quality and Sweden. This is somewhat of a phenomena. In Sweden we grow up seeing Volvo cars on the streets. We notice the people driving them but we never really see them, they have just always been there. This huge part of Swedish history and legacy uphold by passionate, sometimes eccentric people. We all know them, we’ve all seen them and I wanted to portray the Volvo culture that we take for granted. The people and their love for a brand that has been around since the 20’s.

I found myself photographing the lonely landscapes, young people living in rural areas, and solemn old men.  Cars blend with the environment and surrounding houses. Colors and shapes communicating with each other making a scene in need of capture. The cars often represent something much more than a means of transport, it's a way of living.

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